Do Yard Signs Actually Deter Burglars?

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Everyone likes to save money, and even though home security is important, it’s still nice to have extra room in the budget every month. One security shortcut that many people take is posting a sign in their yard that claims their home is protected by an alarm system. But does a yard sign actually keep burglars away?

Any Sign is Better Than No Sign

The fact is, having a security sign in your yard can make a burglar think twice. Thieves are opportunists, and they want to get away with the goods as quickly and easily as possible. The presence of a security system indicates trouble for a burglar, so many will opt to skip a house with a sign for one with no obvious indicators of extra security.

For those who want the benefits of added security without the investment, a fake sign seems like a smart security strategy. However, those savings aren’t worth much if someone breaks into your home anyway.

 Risks of Relying on a Security Sign

If you do choose to try faking out the bad guys, be careful. A fake security sign may be better than nothing, but it’s not better by much. Relying on a fake sign for added security poses its own risks.

  • A false sense of security: We all understand that a sign is not the same thing as a security system. One of the biggest risks of counting on a fake sign is the feeling that your home has extra protection. Experienced thieves can spot a fake sign, which can make your home a bigger target than if you’d never put out the sign in the first place.
  • No alerts: Unlike an actual security system, a sign doesn’t send up the alarm when someone tries to break in. If your sign fails to stop a burglar in his tracks, you won’t have any warning that something happened.
  • Fewer clues to catch a thief: One of the benefits of a security system or surveillance cameras, is that you can actually capture images of the burglars if they do manage to get in. Security systems help police track down criminals, recover stolen property, and get the bad guys off the street.
  • It signals your home/property is worth protecting: Sometimes a security sign leads a burglar to believe that you have something worth stealing. Criminals know that security systems cost money, so a sign can tell them that you can afford to protect your valuables. It can also send a signal that your home might be full of the types of things they like to steal.

Other Security Strategies to Try

Any security measures you take are going to make an impact, but some are more effective than others. If you’re budget-conscious, here are some ideas that provide better security than a fake sign—without draining your wallet.

Landscaping: Believe it or not, the right landscaping can help keep burglars at bay. Keep trees and bushes trimmed and make sure there’s always a clear line of sight to all windows and doors. Avoid hedges and other natural obstructions that provide hiding places for thieves. Consider planting thorny plants under accessible windows as an extra deterrent.

Lights: Keep your house, yard, and driveway well-lit. Burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in if there’s a spotlight on them. Trade out regular outdoor lights for smart security lighting that you can program to come on automatically or control remotely. The addition of motion sensors provides extra protection and helps you save electricity as well.

Security System: These days, security systems are more affordable than ever. There have been so many advances that you can choose from a DIY system that you install yourself or select a professionally-monitored system that gives you around-the-clock protection. Most security systems are customizable so you can choose the protection that meets your budget. Plus, you’ll get the bonus of a sign that is backed up by real security.

No matter what, you want to keep your home safe. There are many affordable ways to protect your family, and American Alarm Systems knows how to deliver reliable security for nearly any budget. Contact us today and find out how easy it is to turn that fake security sign into a real one.

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