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American Alarm Systems specializes in residential security services that protect your family and property from unwanted intruders. Our security specialists can design a simple solution for homeowners on a basic budget or develop a more complex security system with interactive home automation.

Security Indoors, Outdoors...Every Door. Even the Front Door.

Because most burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm when you’re usually at work or away from home, security cameras can play a vital role in keeping an eye on your house even when you can’t.

As technology has advanced, home security cameras have made protecting your property with video surveillance both affordable and effective. Increasingly, both indoor and outdoor security cameras have become important features in a home security system.


Smart Video Clips

Information is power. Watch video of your home as well as 20-second on-demand video clips taken from interior and exterior cameras right from your smartphone.

Alerts & Notifications

As an optional add-on feature, motion detected around your home can generate a video clip and an immediate alert. Clear HD video is proven to increase apprehensions in theft cases.

Video Monitoring

As an optional add-on feature, central station operators can assess the premises upon an alarm as live video and recorded clips are available immediately at our alarm monitoring center. 

"Thier staff is respectful and professional."

"Upgraded my camera system this week and added a heat detection device in my garage. They scoped out a plan and upgraded the cameras and installed the device / alarm with no mess and no fuss. They're staff is respectful and professional."

Jeff B.
SoCal Home Alarm Customer

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Smart A.I. Sees What Matters

Smart security cameras are more than meet the eye. Coupled with advanced AI technology, our cameras can identify what they are looking at. This means you can let your dog run free in the backyard while knowing you will be alerted if your cameras detect actual human activity.  Additionally, with virtual tripwires and motion zones, you won't have to check on every passing car, but you will know when a vehicle or human is detected in the areas you specify.

Crystal Clear Indoor Video

If you want to enjoy real security and peace-of-mind for yourself and your family, don't settle for less. With American Alarm, you can have a customized security camera system designed, installed and monitored by a leading security company located right here in Orange County. All at a price that is surprisingly affordable. So why compromise? 

A 360 Degree View Of Your Home's Exterior

Secure exterior entryways, driveways, patios, pools and more with exterior HD camera systems, professionally installed, monitored and serviced by a local Orange County alarm company - American Alarm. We'll recommend the best placement of your cameras to capture optimal angles and are aesthetically pleasing to the exterior of your home.

Cloud Recording & Video Storage

Cloud recording smart clips keep your video footage safe from being tampered with and allow you to access recordings remotely. Additionally, we offer streaming video recorders that provide a local backup of footage and allow you to activate 24/7 recording options. Cloud clips record activity triggered events, alternatively, a streaming video recorder adds surveillance that doesn't skip a beat. 

Never Lose Critical Footage Again.

Traditional security cameras generally record to a DVR that is in the same vicinity as the cameras themselves, and stores that footage for later review. Many burglars will attempt to destroy or remove these systems, therefore destroying the video evidence of the crime altogether.

Our smart cameras record events to the cloud, where they can only be accessed by you, the customer. In addition, motion and object detection allows your system to notify you in real-time when there is a threat detected.

Secure Your Home with Smart Cameras Today

Professional installation. Cutting edge technology. Excellent customer service. Just a few great reasons to choose American Alarm. Don't wait another day to protect your yourself, and your greatest assets. Contact us today. We are locally owned and operated right here in Santa Ana, CA.

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Established in 1958, American Alarm Systems is a full-service alarm company proudly serving Southern California. We design, install, service, and monitor cutting-edge security solutions for your home or business.

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