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Advanced Video Surveillance

Create a safer environment for your employees with video surveillance systems by American Alarm Systems. These security systems deter theft, violence and vandalism while limiting false claims. Not only do we bring world class solutions to secure your location, as a local Orange County security company we understand the local laws and communities better than anyone.

Operational Awareness, Anytime, Anywhere

Video Surveillance is more than just retail store security. Complete CCTV solutions from American Alarm Systems are designed to address a wide variety of security vulnerabilities across your organization. Video surveillance will create a significant return for your business' investment in product and personnel.

Advances in security camera technology are turning video surveillance into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and management tools available today. Retailers use security camera systems to monitor for shoplifters and dishonest employees, compile recorded evidence against bogus accident claims and monitor merchandising displays in stores that may be hundreds of miles away.


24/7 Surveillance

Video analytics software provides automatic alerts when video is tripped by motion, heat, or suspicious behavior.

Video Verification

Remotely log in to manage and view live video from a web browser, smart phone or tablet.

Video Analytics

Easily search through all records of video footage based on time, location, or other variables.

Features & Options to Consider

To install a commercial security camera system that works for your business, you’ll want to have a firm idea of what your priorities are. Here are just a few considerations.


Size of the Space

You’ll need to decide how many rooms, buildings, or sites you’ll be watching in your video surveillance. The scope of the properties will dictate many of the other considerations in setting up your system. 

Number of Cameras

How many cameras you’ll need will depend not only on the size of the space but also on the types of cameras you choose and the camera’s capabilities in terms of coverage and viewing angle.

Type of Cameras

The type of camera you choose will depend on the space you are watching. If you need cameras that pan and zoom to catch blind corners, you’ll want to invest in a PTZ versus a box camera. 

Night Vision & HD

If you want to capture video in very dark spaces or for maximum security outdoors, choose a night vision camera with LEDs that allow for more visibility. Similarly, most modern security cameras offer HD, but you may choose a more sophisticated model to ensure you get the best resolution.

Audio Recording

Most of the time we think visual when discussing security cameras, but some cameras can also record audio which can be an important feature when monitoring employees or customers.

Video Storage

Modern camera systems store video on its own internal hard drive or employ cloud-based technologies that stream video to the cloud . This enables video to be accessed online, with an app, and reviewed at your convenience.

Calculating Costs for Security Cameras

Your budget will determine not only what sorts of cameras and technology are best, and keep you focused on priorities for video surveillance.  Our expert security consultants will help you determine the best fit for your location, goals, budget and compliance with local ordinances. 

Secure Your Business with Professional Camera Installation Today.

Professional installation. Cutting edge technology. Excellent customer service. Just a few great reasons to choose American Alarm Systems. Don't wait another day to protect your yourself, and your greatest assets. Contact us today. We are locally owned and operated.

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